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Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair Program

After long-term operation and poor working environment, the aluminum fins of the air conditioner's heat exchanger will adhere to substances (mainly grease, dirt, and smoke) that can cause the following problems:

  • Severe reduction of the heat transfer effect of the tube wall and decrease in the heat transfer efficiency;

  • Adhesion of substances clogs the aluminum fins, facilitates bacterial proliferation, and reduces the indoor and outdoor machine's circulating air volume;

  • Reduction in cooling efficiency;

  • Excessive compressor current reduces energy efficiency ratio and increases power consumption;

  • In severe cases, it can cause the compressor to become stuck, and the refrigeration oil loses lubrication for an extended period at high temperatures, thereby reducing the service life of the air conditioning equipment.

The Role of Air Conditioner Repair / Maintenance

To improve the outdoor unit's heat exchange efficiency of the air conditioning unit and prevent or reduce dust, the indoor and outdoor unit systems of the air conditioning unit should be regularly cleaned and maintained; the indoor unit should be cleaned and disinfected.

As shown by the experience in maintenance and servicing in recent years, the correct maintenance methods can play a significant role, especially:

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance can improve indoor air quality, prevent the spread of diseases, and create a healthy indoor environment. After a long time of operation, the air conditioning system will accumulate a large amount of dirt in the internal machine's filter, filter screen, and evaporator, which are extremely easy to breed and propagate bacteria, which are then blown into the room through the air outlet, posing a threat to human health.

  • Cleaning and servicing can effectively reduce noise pollution. As the dust and fiber substances attached to the indoor unit's air return filter and other parts accumulate, the filter screen and fins become blocked, and the dust collected on the fan blades increase the load on the fan and motor, causing noise.

  • It can improve the heat exchange efficiency of the system equipment, improve the hot and cold effect, and achieve effective energy saving. If the evaporator and heat exchanger of the indoor and outdoor units are not cleaned for a long time, the adhesion of dirt will significantly reduce the equipment's thermal conductivity, severely obstructing the efficiency of the refrigeration and heating exchange. At this time, the compressor's load will increase sharply, and energy consumption will increase.

  • It can eliminate hidden problems in the system, reduce failure rate, and extend equipment life. The air conditioning system is relatively complex, but it mainly consists of three parts, including the refrigeration system, driving power, and control circuit. Issues with any of these parts can affect the normal use of the air conditioner. Correct and timely maintenance and servicing work can detect and deal with hidden dangers in these three parts promptly, allowing the machine to remain in good working condition, reducing the failure rate and extending its service life.

Air Conditioner Repair / Maintenance Content according to the state of the equipment

  • Repair / Maintenance work mainly includes checking and maintaining two contents, specifically:

  • Checking operating pressure:exhaust and suction pressure;

  • Whether the terminal blocks or their connections are aging and loose, whether the connection wires are detached or broken;

  • Whether there is refrigerant leakage in the indoor and outdoor unit interface;

  • Whether the operating noise is normal;

  • Insulation resistance (or whether there is alternating induced voltage between the machine copper pipes and earth);

  • Whether the relationship between the return air temperature, supply air temperature, and outdoor temperature is normal;

  • Whether the condensate drainage pipe is unblocked.

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