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Excellence A/C & Heating LLC
Excellence A/C & Heating LLC

Complete AC & Heating System Replaced/Installed at Pear Land

Condenser, gas furnace, evaporator coil installed. The new system is Goodman 2.5 ton 14 seer AC & Heating system with an 80% efficiency gas furnace.

The condenser is a 14 seer regular condenser. The gas furnace is an 80% efficiency gas furnace with a 60,000 BTU / H heating capacity. The evaporator coil comes with a piston for refrigeration R410A. The whole system uses R410A refrigeration. We did not replace the air ducts and the plenum. Also, a UV light is installed which can purify the air. When we install the new system, we always put a safety flow switch on the drain pan to make sure the water won't flood the ceiling. 

Once the drain line gets clogged, the system will be shut down before the water comes out from the drain pan. Excellence AC & Heating install crews checked every connection of air ducts to make sure there is no air leak.  Also,  we installed a compressor savor and it will extend the life of the compressor. After the new system is installed, there is still some maintenance work that the homeowner can do regularly. We recommend the homeowners could check the drain line and replace the air filter every 3-4 months. Putting some bleach into the drain line could prevent the drain line gets clogged. A clean air filter can prevent the system get frozen and make the air fresh inside of the house.

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