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  • What is the best air conditioner?

    The best air conditioning system that will provide optimal comfort levels in your home, while saving you money on your electric bill is a high-efficiency system. Our promise to you is every installation receives professional craftsmen taking their time to offer you the best installation possible. Please call us to receive more information on specific unit brands.

  • My AC wont turn on?

    First of all, check the breakers. If you notice the breaker is off or tripped try this: Make sure the breaker is all the way flipped off and flip it back on if the breaker trips or flips off.  If the breaker stays on and the unit is still not working,  call us immediately.

    Second, flip off all breakers to the air conditioner and check to see if the thermostat has batteries. Make sure no battery acid leaked into the thermostat. If no battery acid is present replace the batteries with new ones and turn all breakers back on.

    Thirdly, flip off all breakers to the air conditioner and check to see if the unit has a safety float switch in line with the drain line. If your unit has the float switch remove the float and check if the water is in the overflow space. If no water is present give us a call immediately.

  • My Air Conditioner is leaking water?

    Firstly, turn the air conditioner off. The unit should have a safety float switch, if you can not find one then call us to schedule a time to install on. Try the steps above in If water, to free any sludge and water in the drain line. If water is still leaking call us immediately. The other thing you could do is try to put some bleach into the drain line.

  • My AC keeps icing up?

    An air conditioning system that keeps icing up can be caused by a variety of things. The first step to check is your air filter. Second,  try to check if the indoor unit's blower is still blowing air or not.

  • Why is my Air Conditioner not blowing air?

    First check to see if your thermostat has batteries. If your batteries are checking well, proceed to the next step.

    Check your breakers. Flipping the breakers off and then back on can reset the electronics. If the unit is still not blowing air verify if the outside unit is working. If both units are not functioning please call us for a thorough drain line cleaning.

    If your unit is operating outside likely you have an electrical issue and you should call us to have a certified technician check the functions of the system.

  • Why do I need a UV light?

    We use products that are 3.3 times more powerful than standard UVC lamps. These lamps mimic the sun's UVC rays to disrupt the DNA of these living viruses, bacteria, and other living airborne organisms preventing them from reproducing.

    This enables you to control odors and remove chemicals, pesticides, cleaning solvents, VOCs, building materials, formaldehyde, benzene, and more.

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