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How to Address Design and Noise Issues During HVAC Installation and Construction Process?

As one of the important components of buildings, HVAC systems can regulate temperature and humidity indoors to improve living comfort. However, HVAC installation is a complex and massive construction, and there are still some problems that need to be solved.

Problems in the design and noise during HVAC installation

Unreasonable design drawings: When conducting HVAC air conditioner installation, the main reference is the design drawings. Therefore, practicality and applicability are essential. However, some designers lack consideration of practicality and applicability, and do not conduct on-site inspections of the installation situation. Some even refer to the design drawings of other installation projects, resulting in inaccurate design drawings that often lead to errors during actual installation, seriously delaying the construction period and even endangering construction quality.

Excessive noise from air conditioning: After using air conditioning for a period of time, noise is inevitable. However, installation personnel did not fully consider this issue. After HVAC air conditioner installation was completed, they did not perform corresponding sound insulation treatments. They also did not conduct regular inspections, causing the noise to increase during later operations and exceed the standard. This affects people's normal production and life and also adds difficulty and cost to maintenance.

Solutions to problems during HVAC installation

Standardize HVAC design: Designers should first design and plan HVAC systems according to the requirements and regulations. They should not violate relevant national regulations. Secondly, they should conduct on-site inspections and conduct construction design according to the construction situation to ensure scientific and reasonable design. The construction plan also needs to be reviewed by relevant personnel to avoid one-sidedness in the design, ensure comprehensive construction design, and avoid problems during actual installation, ensuring that HVAC air conditioner installation proceeds smoothly.

Do well in HVAC noise protection: 

To prevent excessive noise from HVAC systems, after HVAC installation is completed, timely testing should be conducted to avoid hidden dangers of noise excess from the beginning. In the process of HVAC operation, periodic inspections should be carried out for adjustments and protection. When the running time of air conditioning equipment is too long, resulting in inevitable noise, noise isolation should be achieved through external forces and corresponding devices, such as increasing shock-absorbing devices between equipment and equipment, and sound absorption treatments in buildings, to ensure that noise does not exceed the standard.