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Install Air Conditioner Pipes for Home Air Conditioners

In terms of home ac installation, if there is an old air conditioner, the first thing to do is to move the unit, then determine the location of air conditioner, conduct drilling, finish the installation of the internal unit, as well as the installation of the external unit, finally finish vacuuming and detection. The installation of air conditioner is not a simple thing. For most users, the use of air conditioner is very simple with no problem, but if the air conditioner is not installed well, the performance and the service life of air conditioner will be affected. Therefore, we should have a certain understanding of what to pay attention to in the home ac installation.

Install air conditioner pipes for home air conditioners: the first step drilling

The first step in the installation of air conditioner pipes for home air conditioners is drilling, and the air conditioner hole is best near the external unit. Generally speaking, the opening center height of the hanging air conditioner should be 45cm lower than the ceiling, and the opening center height of the cabinet air conditioner should be 20cm higher than the wood floor or floor tile. The diameter of the hole is generally 8 to 10cm, and the inside is high and the outside is low, leaving a slope of 5 to 10 degrees to prevent rain from pouring into the house. Holes should also be as far as possible to avoid beam and reinforcement, otherwise it may affect the bearing capacity of the house. If the air conditioner hole reserved by the developer is not used, it is best to let the workers plug it with plaster, otherwise it will leak air and rain. As far as possible, shorten the length of the copper pipe connecting the external and internal units of the air conditioner, and bend as little as possible.

Install air conditioner pipes for home air conditioners: the second step open and concealed pipes

In terms of home ac installation, attention should be paid to the drain line, mostly PVC pipe. It can be concealed pipe and it is best to add a layer of anti-foam cotton. And the refrigerant copper pipe should be open, which cannot be hidden in the wall, because once there is a leakage, we cannot hear the sound, and we need to break the wall to conduct check, which increases the amount of construction. Therefore, it is best not to choose concealed pipe. It can be hidden in the ceiling or decorative wall at most.

Matters needing attention for removing unit in home ac installation

(1) In the home ac installation, when the internal unit of air conditioner is moved, we should consider that there is condensed water in the water pan or drainpipe of internal unit. When removing the internal unit, remember not to make the end of the internal unit with the circuit board face down. It is best to let the condensed water flow away from the other end first, to avoid the condensed water flow into the circuit board, to prevent the air conditioner from electrical failure when it is started.

(2) The external unit is generally hung on the outdoor wall. When it is removed, we should remember to consider whether the environment is suitable for transferring. Also keep in mind the safety of workers when the external unit is moved, especially the high-rise air conditioner unit. Be sure to keep in mind the safety issues when removing air conditioner, and do a good job of overall safety protection measures.