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Installation Process And Precautions of commercial AC Unit Installation

Shopping malls, office buildings, subways, and other places are basically used by central air conditioning, which is used by commercial central air conditioning. People usually know about central air conditioning from these places. Then how much do you know about the installation of commercial central air conditioning? Here is a brief introduction to the installation process of commercial central air conditioning, so that you can have a direct understanding.  

Various Stages of Commercial HVAC Installation 

Stage 1: Pre-installation planning. First, determine the installation position of the machine, and pre-arrange the strong wire needed to use.  

The second stage: first lift the indoor unit of central air conditioning, and wrap the internal unit to avoid dust and impurities entering the installation pipe.  

The third stage: lift the central air conditioning outdoor unit and fill the refrigerant, test the central air conditioning system, and measure the size and position of the tuyere.  

Stage FOUR: install the tuyere and test the equipment.  

Precautions for Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

1. The operation of refrigerant directly determines the use effect of central air conditioning, so the quality of refrigerant copper pipe is very important. The selection of refrigerant copper tube should pay attention to the pressure in the tube, so there are certain requirements for the thickness of the copper tube wall.  

2. The influence of tuyere on central air conditioning is also crucial. There are two kinds of common tuyere materials: one is ABS tuyere, and the other is aluminum alloy tuyere. Both tuyeres have advantages and disadvantages. ABS tuyere is made of ABS engineering material, which is not easy to condensation, but the material is easy to expand and cold shrink and may squeak during use. Add noise to the mall. The second tuyere aluminum alloy tuyere, its advantage is not easy to deformation and discoloration, but the heat transfer speed of aluminum alloy is very fast, in the process of summer use, easy to coagulate water, serious water droplets. The two tuyeres have their own characteristics and can be selected according to the actual demand.  

3, the selection of water pipe: water system installation should also consider the selection of water pipe, pressure, and temperature resistance ability is good. Whether to affect water quality, want to choose domestic mature brand only commonly, the performance of conduit can pass a barrier. As the saying goes, three points of products, seven points of installation, household central air conditioning, commercial central air conditioning is even more so, so a regular installation company can make the use of central air conditioning better, so in the installation, we must choose a professional, standard installation team, to ensure the installation quality.