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Way to Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning after the long-term operation and working environment are not good, the aluminum fin surface of the heat exchanger will adhere to things (mainly greasy, dirt, smoke) will cause the following problems :1, seriously affect the heat transfer effect of the tube wall to reduce the heat transfer efficiency; 2, adhesion blocking aluminum fin, bacteria easy to multiply, so that the indoor and outdoor machine circulation air volume smaller; 3, refrigeration efficiency decreases; 4, the compressor current is too large, so that the energy efficiency ratio decreased, increased electricity consumption; 5. When it is serious, the compressor is stuck and the frozen oil loses lubrication under high temperature for a long time, thus shortening the service life of air conditioning equipment.  

Heating And Air Conditioning Installation  

In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency of the air conditioner outdoor unit and prevent or reduce dust, the air conditioner indoor and outdoor machine systems should be cleaned and maintained regularly, and the indoor machine should be cleaned and disinfected. Through the experience of maintenance in recent years, the correct maintenance method can play an excellent role, mainly manifested in 1, regular cleaning and maintenance can improve the quality of indoor air, prevent the prevalence of disease, and create a healthy indoor environment. After the air conditioning system runs for a long time, the filter, filter net, and evaporator parts of the internal machine will accumulate a large amount of dirt, which is easy to breed and multiply bacteria, and then blown into the room by the tuyere, posing a threat to human health. 2. Cleaning and maintenance of the system can effectively reduce noise pollution. With the deposition of dirt and fiber material attached to the air return port filter net and other parts of the indoor machine, the filter net and fins are blocked, and the dust collection on the fan blade, which greatly increases the load of the fan and the motor, causing the noise. 3, can improve the heat transfer efficiency of the system equipment, improve the effect of cold and heat, and achieve effective energy saving. If the evaporator and heat exchanger of the internal and external machine is not cleaned for a long time, the dirt attached will greatly reduce the thermal conductivity of the equipment, seriously hinder the efficiency of cold and heat exchange, at this time, the load of the compressor will increase sharply, and the energy consumption will increase. 4, can eliminate system hidden trouble, reduce the failure rate, prolong the service life of equipment, spend a small amount of money, and save a lot of money. The composition of the air conditioning system is more complex, but it is mainly composed of three parts, including a refrigeration system, drive power supply, and control circuit. No matter which part of the problem will affect the normal use of air conditioning, correct and timely repair and maintenance work, will timely find and deal with the hidden dangers of the three parts so that the machine is always in good working condition, the failure rate is reduced, life extension.  

The Content of HVAC Installation Depends on the State of the Equipment

Maintenance work mainly includes inspection and maintenance of two major content, specifically :

1. Check operating pressure: exhaust suction pressure;  2. Whether the terminal block or its connector is aging and loose, and whether the connecting wire is off or broken; 3. There is no fluorine leakage in the internal and external machine interfaces;

4. Whether the operating noise is normal; Insulation resistance (or whether there is ac induction voltage between copper pipe and ground); 5. Whether the relationship between return air temperature, outlet air temperature, and outdoor temperature is normal; 6. Condensate drainage is smooth.