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What Are the Acceptance Criteria for HVAC Installation?

About HVAC installation

HVAC is an air conditioner with heating, ventilation and air conditioning functions. Because the main functions of HVAC include these three aspects: heating, ventilation and air conditioning, take the comprehensive abbreviation of these three functions, that is, HVAC. The importance of HVAC installation is self-evident, so we must pay attention to the last acceptance link in the central air conditioning installation. Otherwise if the central air conditioning installation is unqualified, it will bring all kinds of trouble and influence to the subsequent use, so we must pay attention to the following contents of the inspection before signing the acceptance inspection of HVAC installation.

HVAC installation acceptance

(1) Check the HVAC installation position. Check whether the installation position of the central air conditioning is consistent with the design position on the drawing, whether there is any deviation. Besides, before changing the installation position, there should be discussion in advance. What’s more, check whether there are obstacles under the air inlet of internal unit, whether the floor type main unit is installed with shock absorption device, whether the installation of the external unit is firm, whether the installation position has avoided the smoke volume, large wind sand, direct sunlight and other places, whether the installation space is sufficient for maintenance to determine the installation location and its appropriateness.

(2) Pay attention to whether the materials used for HVAC installation meet the requirements. The materials used in the installation of central air conditioning are usually anticorrosive. The exhaust pipe is made of non-combustible materials, and the auxiliary materials are not shoddy. The thickness and quality of thermal insulation materials should also be paid attention to.

(3) Check whether the pipeline installation is qualified. The central air conditioning pipe should follow the principle of horizontal and vertical. Check whether the drain line has the inclination to determine whether the condensed water can be smoothly discharged.

(4) Detection of noise problems. The HVAC system should be tested to see if there is any noise in the operation. If there is large noise and vibration, it is caused by the improper installation of central air conditioning. The central air conditioning installation company should be found for maintenance in time.

(5) Check whether there is water leakage, electricity leakage, fluorine leakage. When HVAC installation is tested, it will carry out a series of inspections on water leakage, electricity leakage and fluorine leakage. If there is a problem, the central air conditioning installation company should be found for maintenance in time.

(6) Test whether the temperature is up to standard. All the standard installation is for the use of effect, so it is necessary to check the air outlet, record its temperature change, in order to judge the refrigeration effect of central air conditioning.