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What Makes Air Source Heat Pump Installation Better than Other Equipment?

The widespread air source heat pump installation

With the advantages of clean and environmental protection, air source heat pumps have quickly occupied the HVAC market in various regions, and are widely popular, especially for the heating and hot water of large venues, which will choose air source heat pumps as a priority solution. What is air source heat pump? What are the advantages of air source heat pump installation compared to other equipment?

The advantages of air source heat pump installation

As we all know, air source heat pumps rely on electric drive engines to absorb the heat in the air and use it for us. It is essentially an energy carrier. Although it also uses electricity as the driving force, it is different from electric boilers. Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the air, which greatly reduces the consumption of electricity. Therefore, typical air source heat pump installation has the advantages of clean and environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency, but the cost is relatively high.

Coal/gas/oil boilers and other equipment directly generate heat by burning fuel to heat water. In the entire process, they consume a large amount of fuel, and will also produce a lot of exhaust gas. Therefore, using boiler equipment may not only cause safety accidents such as fires, explosions, and poisoning, but also damage the atmosphere and cause pollution. In addition, when using boiler equipment, not only do you need to open up a separate space to store the boiler, but also have professional personnel to maintain it, which greatly increases the operating costs.

Electric boilers refer to devices that directly convert electrical energy into heat energy, and then use this heat energy to heat cold water. Compared with coal/gas/oil boilers, electric boilers do not consume natural resources such as coal, oil, and gas, have no open flames, do not emit exhaust gas, and do not cause environmental pollution. It is a very environmentally friendly and safe equipment. However, electric boilers also have a disadvantage when used, that is, they consume a lot of electricity, so the heating cost of electric boilers is very high, almost the highest among all commercial hot water equipment.

Solar water heaters are devices that utilize the heat in the sun as the main energy source to absorb solar energy and heat cold water. They are a new energy equipment. Solar water heaters do not pose safety hazards and are environmentally friendly like coal/gas/oil boilers or require a large amount of electricity like electric boilers. Unfortunately, solar water heaters are severely affected by weather, and cannot work at night, on rainy days, or in winter, which is also the peak period of hot water use.

Overall, air source heat pump is a device with relatively high cost performance, which can achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection like solar energy, and is more convenient, cost-effective, and can supply hot water 24/7 compared to other methods.